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Royal, Iowa
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Bethlehem Lutheran
207 Church St.
Royal, IA 51357


Mission Statement
Bethlehem Lutheran Church is committed to making Disciples for Jesus Christ through our thoughts, words and deeds.

Vision Statement
The vision of Bethlehem Lutheran Church is to become a teaching congregation, sharing leadership in developing new and creative ways of doing rural ministry.


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Welcome to Bethlehem
Come and See! That's our invitation to you to come and worship with us. We are a Lutheran congregation that is Word Grounded, Christ Centered, and Mission Minded!

Come Worship with us! Your worship experience with us will send you into the week grounded in the Word of God. God speaks to you through the Scriptures and we respond as a congregation by recognizing Christ as the center of our life.

Come Worship with us! You will find a variety of opportunities to grow in Christ by participating in our congregation. From Bible Studies to coffee fellowship to dinners to helping with a mission project, you will find many opportunities to be blessed in your spiritual life.

Come Worship with us! If you are looking for a church home, please consider becoming a part of our Christian family. Come and See!

St Luke Lutheran Home
Bethlehem is a member congregation of St. Luke Homes and Services, a private Lutheran care community for the elderly, from independent living to assisted living and acute care.

Visit this link to St Luke Lutheran Home.

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207 Church St, Royal, IA 51357
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